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Florida Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Malpractice is defined as negligence or carelessness on the part of a professional person, for example, a doctor or lawyer. Legal malpractice is the failure to provide the quality and kind of service that another legal professional would provide under the same circumstances and consistent with generally accepted standards of care. If you believe that your lawyer has committed malpractice, it is likely that you lack the training and background to evaluate the legal services that you have received–and equally likely that you could benefit from the experience of Florida Legal Malpractice Attorneys in this area of the law.

Our attorneys rely on a full staff of legal assistants, paralegals, and independent investigators to help evaluate each case, track down details, assure timely responses, and keep the lines of communication open. Because of this combined expertise and team approach, we are able to handle a broad range of legal malpractice cases in Florida.

Legal malpractice practice areas include: