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Accounting Malpractice


Florida Accounting Malpractice Attorneys

There are many forms of negligence on the part of your accountant that may qualify you to file a malpractice lawsuit against him or her. Among those forms are incorrect advice, lack of professional standards, financial loss or harm to your business due to unreasonable practices, fines owed due to the accounting as filed, legal actions against you, and more. If you believe that your accounting needs have not been met, and that your accountant should be held accountable, contact Florida Legal Malpractice without delay.

Our Florida Legal Malpractice Attorneys have the expertise and experience to help you determine whether you have been the victim of negligence and to file a malpractice case against the accountant who caused you harm. Our attorneys are well versed in the GAAP (“General Accepted Accounting Principles”) and the GAAS (“General Accepted Auditing Standards”). If you believe that your accountant may not have held to these standards, we can help. Sometimes a malpractice suit is filed to recover fines that had to be paid due to accountant error; in other cases, other types of damages may be recovered. Bring us the facts of your case, and we will guide you through the process.

Fraud is another possible reason for an accounting malpractice suit. If your accountant has committed fraud against you, you deserve justice and compensation. Other potential grounds for malpractice include failing to detect defalcations, not properly auditing financial statements, committing securities fraud, giving improper tax advice, filing paperwork incorrectly, or lying on accounting statements.

All of these accounting actions can affect your financial status and cause you and your family hours, if not years, of worry and stress. When you hire an accountant, you trust that professional to do the best job possible for you in handling your accounts.

Contact the Florida legal malpractice attorneys at our Law Office today if your accountant let you down.