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Accounting Malpractice: Carelessness in Preparation of Financial Documents/ Taxes

Accounting Malpractice

Accountant MalpracticePreparing your taxes is a very serious business. The tax code is complicated and changes made each year can be a nightmare for those who try to file for themselves. There’s a reason, then, that so many people choose to have an accountant prepare their financial documents and their taxes. It just seems easier, and smarter, to let a professional take care of this kind of complicated paperwork. Unfortunately, though, some accountants don’t do their job correctly. Whether they are negligent or incompetent, they might file your taxes incorrectly or make mistakes on important financial documents. When this happens, you will be held responsible – but you shouldn’t have to be the only one who suffers for these mistakes.

Like most professionals, accountants are held to a certain standard of behavior. Accountants who do not meet those standards commit malpractice, which means that they have committed an error that goes against their professional code or against the applicable standard of care and causes harm to a client. When an accountant is careless, he or she can cause a great deal of harm to a client. In those cases, the client will have to deal with the government and may have to pay major fines or fees. Fortunately, those individuals who seek out and work with a malpractice attorney may well be able to force the accountants to help pay for the mistakes they have made.

When you suffer from accountant malpractice, your lawyer’s goal is to help make you financially whole in the aftermath of the accountant’s negligent actions. Generally speaking, this means financial restitution. If you have had fines levied against you or are dealing with other financial punishments, your lawyer would work to see that it is the accountant, and not you the client, who has to pay. You can absolutely try to have an accountant held liable for his or her mistakes, and a good attorney will show you the path forward.

If you are dealing with accountant malpractice, make sure to call the Florida legal malpractice attorneys at Trials and Errors. We can help you to move forward and determine if the accountant was exercising his or her duty of care. Accountants are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and should have to pay when they violate the rules and standards required of them.