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How a Lawyer Can Help in a Deed Preparation & What Happens If Something Goes Wrong

deed preparation

deed preparationThe decision to sell your house or land is a big one; therefore, you need to ensure all the necessary documents to facilitate the sale are ready. Among the documents you require is a deed that proves ownership. As the seller of the property, you have a responsibility to provide the deed. It takes the guidance of a lawyer to prepare a valid deed.

Here is how a lawyer can help in a deed preparation:

There are three types of deeds in the state of Florida, and all are prepared using prescribed forms. With the help of a lawyer, you will know the right deed that should be prepared in your case. Depending on the interest you want to convey to the buyer, through the help of your lawyer, you will understand all the deed types: quitclaim, special warranty, and general warranty deeds. Your lawyer, while preparing the required deed, will ensure that the property’s legal description is done right. With your attorney’s knowledge in legal drafting, you can be sure that the deed’s granting clause has proper wording. Subsequently, your attorney will ensure you have properly signed the deed and execution is done by the right parties.

If in the cause of preparing the deed, something goes wrong, here is what happens:

If your attorney makes an error in the legal description,granting clause, or other important aspects of the deed, your interests may be severely jeopardized. You can consult with a Florida Legal Malpractice lawyer to know the possible recourse. With experienced legal malpractice attorneys in Tampa, you may be able to institute a malpractice claim and recover damages for any damages suffered as a result of the malpractice. Following up on a malpractice claim can be challenging, and working with a Florida Legal Malpractice lawyer will make your claim easier for you. Please contact our legal malpractice attorneys in Tampa to get the help you deserve.