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Lack of Communication Between You and Your Attorney?


communicationIf you feel uncomfortable with your lawyer, discuss that uncomfortable feeling quickly to preserve a relationship of trust. A lawyer should demonstrate to his clients his dedication, competence, diligence, and prudence. Your attorney should have no hesitation in listening to your concerns — and in advising you on the best ways to resolve the situation.

When it comes to the attorney/client relationship, establishing a relationship based on trust and openness from the start is essential. Therefore, the first step is completed at the first appointment, when the client should explain in detail the case to his lawyer. Don’t expect a lawyer to always have an immediate, solid opinion as to the best course of action or even the value of your claim. Sometimes, the lawyer’s opinion on the file may be less settled because he or she needs to gather and consider the impact of certain evidence that the client does not yet have.

However, your lawyer also has a duty to inform you if he or she is unqualified to handle your case, and can, if necessary, direct you to an experienced lawyer who will be qualified to handle the appropriate methods of prevention and dispute resolution. If you’re attorney does not usefully advise you on the scope of your rights or if those rights are poorly explained, then the lawyer is not doing his or her job correctly.

If you have lost trust in your attorney to the point where that relationship cannot be repaired, you may want to consult with another attorney who is experienced in the law of legal malpractice.

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