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Lawyer Jurisdictions: Did Your Lawyer Practice in a State They Are Not Licensed In?

lawyer jurisdiction

lawyer jurisdictionMalpractice in the legal industry occurs more often than people realize, and one of the regular problems with malpractice occurs when people hire attorneys who are not licensed in the particular state where the legal issue exists. These types of cases can range from criminal matters to personal injury situations to immigration status hearings. While this is a seemingly minor circumstance, it can become a very serious issue when any legal dispute arises. The problem is that when malpractice does occur, it is difficult to find an attorney who will represent your claim against the unlicensed attorney for whatever reason. Residents of Florida do have an option when this happens, and the option is retaining the legal pros at Florida Legal Malpractice Tampa FL lawyer malpractice attorneys.

Why Licensing Matters

Attorneys often broker agreements when representing clients that must be enforceable within the state of jurisdiction in which they are filed. Contracts or agreements that are not duly negotiated and represented by a state licensed attorney could be contested as null and void by other parties to an agreement through their legal counsel. This could be a serious issue for a client who is left in limbo due to agreement validity. Your attorney from Florida Legal Malpractice can evaluate the case for potential damages that could be available in a malpractice lawsuit against your former attorney.

Possible Damages

Both economic and non-economic general or punitive damages could be the result of legal action against an unlicensed attorney. Economic compensatory damages typically include the actual amount of money lost by the client when the issue is contested, which must be supported by documentation. Additionally, the material facts of the misrepresentation could result in a punitive damage award if a case goes to trial. Punitive damages can only be awarded by a sympathetic jury when your malpractice claim can be presented effectively by a legal malpractice attorney who is experienced in suing other attorneys.

Never think you have no legal recourse when a prior personal attorney has misrepresented their qualifications to handle your case. Florida residents should always contact Florida Legal Malpractice Tampa FL lawyer malpractice attorneys for an evaluation of your potential legal case.