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Legal Malpractice: Financial Misconduct and Misappropriated Funds

legal malpractice

legal malpracticeThe social contract dictates everyone should be able to trust their lawyers with their lives. Lawyers’ roles are to insure justice and fairness for all, even defendants. When your lawyer becomes someone you should have been protected from, honest counselors with proven public trust can solve your financial misconduct and misappropriated funds dilemma.

When You Need Lawyers For Your Lawyers

Mere human error causes well-meaning attorneys to fall short. Sometimes, more sinister malpractice does occur. While your shock is understandable, push through it in faith the law is on your side- even against its own representatives.

When Lawyers Cost More Than Their Fees

Tampa legal malpractice attorneys help Florida residents who discover attorneys that were negligent, inattentive and unprepared. They’ve lost money, deals and justice. Florida Legal Malpractice helps legal victims sue for:

Legal malpractice
Financial conduct
Misappropriated funds

These happen with lawyers in real estate, accounting and personal injury cases. Lawyers also make grave errors at trial. Many conduct questionable or exploitative practices on sports and entertainment clients.

Don’t Handle Such Intricate Matters Alone

Your focus must remain on the goals and reasons you needed lawyers. If you start down a rabbit hole of tracing financial records and tracking misappropriations, you neglect priorities and business.

You also may know lawyer-involved funds or finances are amiss, but lack experience to pinpoint exactly how and why in time to meet strict limitations.

Ethical Attorneys Reverse Course

Tampa legal malpractice attorneys overcome the intimidation clients feel when challenging unethical or negligent attorneys with stronger knowledge of the law. They employ time-tested strategies to locate records, analyze evidence and discover malfeasance.

The Florida Legal Malpractice team is here to uphold the integrity of the legal field, which includes holding fellow lawyers accountable. Start your free consultation at