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Errors During Trial


Legal Malpractice Attorneys in Florida

In a perfect world, you are able to land a high quality lawyer to represent you, whatever the case may be. Lawyers go through a considerable amount of schooling, training, and examinations to make sure they are fit for work. Nevertheless, from time to time, a lawyer may mess up the case. Whatever the reason for this, you should not be held accountable if the lawyer’s negligent failures cause the case to be lost. With the help of our Florida legal malpractice team, you may have grounds to sue and recover from your former attorney – and our experienced legal malpractice team will fight hard to get you the justice you are due.

What type of errors can occur during a trial? While your lawyer should have your back and your best interests in mind, unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. Perhaps your attorney is going through personal matters at home and his or her mind is distracted. While attorneys are trained to deal with this, they may still not completely have the necessary focus, which can lead to issues during trial, forgetting to file paperwork on time, and other missteps that can derail your case. Whatever the situation may be, these issues can lead to all sorts of problems for you. You should not suffer the consequences because your original attorney failed to do his or her job. With our experienced Florida legal malpractice attorneys, you can be assured that you would receive focused representation on your case.

At other times, your original attorney may have a conflict of interest. Perhaps your attorney represents another client whose interests are adverse to yours. Or perhaps a witness is brought forward that your attorney has a personal or financial relationship with. If a conflict of interest arises, the attorney must divulge the conflict and obtain your consent to proceed – or excuse himself from your case altogether. Failing to do one or the other can rise to the level of legal malpractice, if you suffer damage as a result.

If you have concerns that your attorney has negligently harmed your case, our Florida legal malpractice team is here to help. Call us today, at 813-225-4000, and we can answer your questions and concerns.