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Failure to Properly Investigate


Florida Legal Malpractice

Failure to Properly Investigate & Perform Discovery

Did your lawyer insufficiently investigate your case in its early stages and neglect to perform discovery, to your detriment during the final stage of your case? There may be a solution that can help you recover the financial loss you have suffered. The Florida legal malpractice team at our Law Firm would love to hear from you. We go the extra mile for every client.

This is the time when you need a strong legal team to help turn things around. Every case we take on is important to us, and we spare no effort in helping you get a fair judgment based on all the facts and a thorough investigation of your case. If you are not sure whether your case was handled correctly by your lawyer, here are a few warning signs that you may be the victim of legal malpractice.

There are three main steps in properly investigating and performing discovery on your case. First, your lawyer should ask you to provide your recollection of the facts, to the fullest extent possible. If your case was lost because your lawyer did not pay attention to you or failed to ask questions, which would have given important information, then you may need to contact us and speak with one of our experienced legal malpractice attorneys. Your attorney’s failure to elicit information may, in some circumstances, rise to the level of legal malpractice.

Second, it is common for attorneys to interview witnesses to the event. This could include strangers who were bystanders, people questioned by the police, and so forth. If you know that you had witnesses, and they were not properly interviewed, this may be a basis on which to file a professional negligence claim.

Third, in preparing the case for trial, attorneys engage in the “discovery” process to get important information from the defendant’s attorneys. Discovery procedures are very important in any legal case, and it is important that your lawyer knew and understood the rules of procedure while handling your case. If you lost your case because your lawyer wrongly interpreted or incorrectly applied those rules, you may have a claim for legal negligence.

There are many reasons, apart from legal malpractice, why an unfavorable judgment may be entered against a plaintiff. Not every bad result can be attributed to negligence. But legal malpractice does occur and, when it does, the negligent attorney should be held accountable.

If you feel you have been a victim of malpractice on the part of your lawyer, let the legal malpractice attorneys in Florida, and Our Firm will do everything we can to help. Contact us today! (800)360-6439