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Improper Title/Zoning Searches 

 improper title - home for sale

Florida Legal Malpractice Attorney

Purchasing the wrong property type can cause all sorts of problems for you. You may end up with a piece of property you simply can’t do anything with. It sets you back months, if not years, on moving forward with your intended project. Selling the property may become necessary – but it may not be the easiest parcel to sell.

So, instead of being forced to sit on the particular property you purchased that is unable to fulfill your needs, you should consult our knowledgeable Florida legal malpractice attorneys. We can advise you if you have a case against your real estate agent or attorney.

Real estate attorneys have very specific jobs. They help you close on the deal, they assist in negotiations, and they conduct the necessary research so you know a property meets all of your individual needs. Whether you want a home you are able to rent rooms out of, or you’re looking to start a business, understanding these zoning requirements is a must.

If your real-estate lawyer negligently performs duties causing you harm, he or she should be held accountable. Contact a Florida legal malpractice attorney at our law firm today to discuss your situation.