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Issues Related to Land Use Restrictions

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In land transactions, a good lawyer will never leave you stranded and fail to address land restrictions that may affect your future. If you have entered into a land transaction where you later discovered unresolved restrictions, we may be able to help. At Florida Legal Malpractice, we have Florida Legal Malpractice Attorneys waiting to guide you through the process of petitioning for compensation when your former lawyer acted negligently in handling your land transaction. Please feel free to contact us now if you feel that your land transaction was not conducted properly.

Purchasing land only to later discover land-use restrictions governing the property is not only a headache, but it may limit the income potential of your property, sometimes severely. It could interfere with your long-term plans for the land you bought, or it could even affect whether you may start a business or build a home in the location. Land restrictions cover a broad range of situations and can be simple or complicated. Knowing about them beforehand is vital. Talk with us about whether your land-use attorney failed to disclose how you may use your land, and whether you later discovered existing and enforceable zoning restrictions that limit your land use.

When you conducted your land transaction, you did so with a specific purpose in mind. If your goal is no longer attainable, your lawyer may have been negligent in his or her dealings concerning your land transaction.

From water use rights to land easements and neighbors who do not share your vision for their neighborhood, a land transaction which seems good can go bad quickly if you have an incompetent or untrustworthy attorney.

If your lawyer did not thoroughly research the land and trace any title and other restrictions, let one of our experienced Florida malpractice lawyers help you make things right again. Contact Us today!