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Legal Malpractice in Military Divorce

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Florida Military Divorce Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Divorce is considered to be one of the most stressful life changes a person may suffer. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you have hired the right lawyer, and whether they have done a good job. Other times, the errors your lawyer has committed may be glaring. If you have been involved in a military divorce and something has gone wrong, you will need an experienced and professional Florida Legal Malpractice Attorney to help guide you toward proper resolution. Our Florida Legal Malpractice attorneys are standing by to help.

If your divorce lawyer failed to disclose that you were on active military duty, this can affect the outcome of your case due to the paperwork and filing requirements imposed by the courts. If you have been served out of state, then the lawyer must plead long-arm jurisdiction. The Hague Convention must be considered during process-serving if one or both parties in the divorce are served outside of the United States. The Hague Convention provides that no military body may be compelled to serve summons on its military members in active duty. While there are ways around this, a good lawyer would be able to discuss the benefits of various methods and to avoid improper service of process. If your lawyer failed to respect any of the military divorce procedures, you may have solid ground for a military divorce malpractice suit.

Many time frames, formulas, and other factors go into awarding compensation during a divorce. A lawyer who is not fluent with the terminology and fully knowledgeable of the process may incorrectly calculate your division of assets in a way that could also rise to the level of military divorce malpractice. Failure to understand and address matters such as survivor benefit plans, military medical plans, pension defenses, and more can add stress and complicate your military divorce lawsuit.

If your lawyer has committed any of these errors, or you believe that mistakes on the part of your lawyer contributed to a lesser award or negative outcome, contact us today, and our Florida legal malpractice attorneys will help guide you through the process.