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Probate & Estate Planning Legal Malpractice

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Florida Probate & Estate Planning Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Estate planning is extremely important. When it comes to determining whether and how an individual’s accumulated wealth and assets are passed down to friends and loved ones, an estate attorney is the most important ingredient. If there are errors in the drafting or construction of a will or trust, significant and harmful consequences may occur. The will or trust could be contested, and its provisions could be rendered ineffective, in whole or in part, to carry out the individual’s intent. Depending on the facts, those consequences may well be tied to the malpractice of the attorney.

When an estate attorney fails to properly draw up the necessary paperwork, does not respond to motions, or does not properly create the will, it not only means the individual’s final will and testament is potentially discarded, but it may cause your family to lose thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (depending on the amassed wealth of the individual) to the government in the form of taxes. This is a very serious issue. You or your family may need to seek out Florida legal malpractice assistance, to ensure that the estate attorney is held responsible for the negligent errors he or she committed.

As is the case with any other area of the law, timing is everything. You have a set amount of time within which to file a lawsuit. If you do not file in the allotted window of time, the financial consequences can be significant – and painful. We urge you to seek out advice sooner rather than later.

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