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Mortuary Negligence: Wrongful Burial

Wrongful Burial

Mortuary NegligenceFuneral homes and mortuary businesses have a duty of care to their customers. When they’re handling the mortal remains of those you love, it’s simply assumed that they will do the job correctly. Unfortunately, though, some of these businesses don’t exercise the proper care. They might be overwhelmed or merely negligent, but they can end up putting one person’s remains in the wrong place. In the case of wrongful burial, it’s important that you get the representation you need. You have a right to get not just what you’ve paid for, but to make sure that the company doesn’t take its duties so lightly in the future.

Good attorneys work with clients in these situations to accomplish a few goals. The first, and perhaps most important, is to make sure that your loved one gets buried where they were meant to be buried. While the mortuary company might try to play this off as something that has to be taken care of by the aggrieved party, it’s actually the duty of the mortuary company to fix its own mistakes. Furthermore, it’s the duty of that company to fix its mistake at no charge to you – you shouldn’t have to pay just because the company couldn’t do its job correctly.

It’s also important to make sure that the company is held accountable for its lack of competence. When the company misplaced the body of your loved one, it damaged you emotionally. It also proved that it cares less about doing its job right than getting the job done quickly. The company should pay not just because it caused you a great deal of distress, but also because it should be reminded that such a delicate job is owed the proper amount of respect. When you bring a suit against them for wrongful burial, you’re helping everyone else who will ever work with that company.

If your loved one was buried in the wrong place, it’s important that you contact the Florida professional malpractice lawyers at our Law Firm as quickly as possible. You deserve to have this situation resolved quickly and carefully. Remember, it’s the mortuary company’s responsibility to do its job correctly – and your responsibility to hold them to that duty.