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The Steps to Take when you are Affected by Legal Malpractice

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Sometimes, intentionally or not, attorneys make mistakes that can cost you a case. If those mistakes rise to the level of negligence, you have the option of filing a case against your attorney. This is known as a legal malpractice suit. If you have been the victim of legal malpractice, you may consider taking one or more of these steps:
-Discussing the dispute with your attorney if it is related to fees, or going into fee arbitration;
-Reporting possible violations of the attorneys’ code of ethics to the relevant division of your state’s Bar; and/or
-Hiring another lawyer to take over your case and to pursue justice against the negligent attorney.

How are these cases proved?
If you decide to file a legal malpractice case, you will need to take the following steps:
-Have proof that you had come to an agreement with the negligent lawyer that he or she would act as a legal representative in your case. This may be proof of meetings or letters, emails, or phone calls exchanged between you and the attorney.
-Have proof that the attorney made a mistake that was in violation of the services that he or she had agreed to provide for you and was below the standard of what other attorneys would have done under similar circumstances. This may be proof of papers they failed to file, failure to gather the evidence required to prove your case, or another form of negligence.
-Have proof that the attorney’s negligence caused you harm or injury that can be measured financially. This involves proving that you would have won your underlying case had it not been for the negligence and that you would have collected on a judgment if you had won the case.

What can our attorneys do for you?
If you have a Florida legal malpractice case, the Florida legal malpractice attorneys from Trials and Errors have the experience to help turn things around for you. We would be happy and honored to schedule a free consultation to look at the facts of your case and to advise you accordingly as to whether you have a viable claim for legal malpractice.

Please be aware that there are time limits within which you can file a legal malpractice lawsuit. Do not delay. Contact our team of dedicated Florida legal malpractice lawyers right away and let us help you to get the justice that you deserve.