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Attorney Failed to Appeal My Case in Time: Do I Have a Case?

attorney fails

attorney failsWhen you’re involved in the legal system, time is always important. Deadlines come and go with no exceptions. If you need to appeal your case, you have only a limited amount of time to file the paperwork. If your attorney fails to appeal your case, they may be liable for Florida legal malpractice. Here’s how you know if you have a case and how Tampa FL legal malpractice lawyers can help you pursue your rights.

Rights if an attorney fails to appeal your case in time

If an attorney fails to appeal your case in time, you have a few different avenues that you can pursue. First, you may be able to pursue a late appeal. You have to show that your case has merit. Usually, you also have to have a good reason for why the appeal is late. Your legal team can help you determine if you can still go forward with your legal appeal.

Also, you may have a claim for Florida legal malpractice. Depending on your losses because of the failure to appeal, and depending on the type of case, you may deserve financial compensation from the attorney. A licensed attorney is a professional with a duty. They have to provide their services up to reasonable, professional levels. Of course, missing an appeal that you need to file is not living up to adequate professional standards.

How Tampa FL legal malpractice lawyers can help you

Florida legal malpractice attorneys can help you assert your rights if you miss an appeal. Timelines for filing a malpractice claim are often very short. An experienced legal team can help you determine what you may deserve in compensation and what you need to do in order to prove your case. They can take every step on your behalf. With their experience, you can repair some of the damage and receive justice.