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Legal Malpractice: Inadequate Knowledge of Applicable Law

knowledgeable lawyer

knowledgeable lawyerYou trust your lawyer to protect your rights and defend your interests. Whatever problem you are trying to resolve or compensation you are trying to recover, your lawyer should possess the knowledge, insight, and skill to give you adequate, effective, and ethical representation. To provide this kind of service, they must be a specialist in the field. If they are not, then they can miscarry your case. And if this occurs, then you should hold them accountable. Legal malpractice attorneys in Tampa can help you.

Lawyers learn the basics of law in law school. Towards the end of their formal education they begin to take specialist courses which help prepare them for the specific field they wish to enter. They get more advanced knowledge in the first few years of practice. No lawyer should handle a case on their own until they have had enough time to learn and master the field of law they have chosen. The law firm you work with should ensure that you the lawyer handling your case knows what they are doing. If you have decided to retain the services of an independent practicing attorney, then they should not take the case unless they know the law related to it. Even those lawyers who have spent years in practice run up against problems they can’t quite figure out. In this instance, they should partner with a colleague who is competent to resolve the issue. This is not uncommon, and it may be necessary in order to ensure that a client receives the best representation possible.

If you lawyer mishandles a case because they lack the knowledge to pursue it properly, it can cause you a great deal of hardship and difficulty. You do not have to accept Florida legal malpractice. You can hold your lawyer accountable. Legal malpractice attorneys in Tampa help victims of Florida legal malpractice. If you have been poorly represented, you should call a lawyer who specializes in this field for a consultation.