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Sports and Entertainment Malpractice 

Florida Sports and Entertainment Malpractice Attorneys

Entertainment MalpracticeIf you are in the sport and entertainment business, you rely heavily on your legal team to make sure you are properly represented and receive the best deal from contracts and other agreements. Due to the extent to which you rely on your legal team, you need to make sure they are always representing you and your best interests. That is exactly why if your attorney misrepresented you, cost you money, or caused you other harm, it may be considered malpractice. Let our Florida legal malpractice team review your case and advise you of your potential rights against your sports or entertainment agent or attorney.

Your legal team is your outlet to the outside business world. They conduct most of the interviews with potential sponsors and work with you to make sure you receive top dollar. Because they are your representation, you count on them for just about everything. This means it is possible if one of the attorneys does not perform his or her complete duties, you may end up missing out on all sorts of possible clients, deals, shows, or other opportunities available to you. Of course, when an attorney misses out on deals, you can fire them and move on to another sports and entertainment attorney. However, if they misrepresent you due to negligence and cause damage to your image, which reducsportses your personal brand, you may be able to hold them accountable for the lost wages and other damages their negligence caused you.

It does not matter what form of entertainment field or sports field you perform in. All forms require agents, lawyers, and representation professionals to assist you. The right legal team will make sure your business is always thriving, so make sure to hire the best team of advocates possible.

If you suspect a previous attorney of malpractice, it is time to bring in experienced lawyers to investigate and, if wrongful conduct is found, to proceed with a lawsuit for causing damage to you and your image. Contact Us Today!